Anne Surtees
Counselling and Psychotherapy

What can therapy offer?

Therapy can help a person through times and circumstances that are challenging, confusing and painful.

You might be struggling in your relationships, in present events or life experiences. You might be feeling a ‘stuckness’ in ways of thinking and behaving or your personal sense of yourself. Therapy offers a process to find new awareness and understanding, new ways to cope, to clarify and resolve difficulties and to change and grow in meaningful ways.

There are various difficulties that bring people to therapy. Some are dilemmas in personal, family and professional relationships, major life transitions, losses and trauma. Some are in anxiety, depression, stress, troubling internal conflicts or recurrent problematic patterns of behaviour. Some are problems of eating, body image and other physical health issues. People can feel a lack of agency, low self-esteem, a sense of inauthenticity and purposelessness. Most people experience a combination of aspects and symptoms.   

In an empathic, respectful and confidential relationship, therapy develops a nuanced understanding of your unique self, supporting your personal growth and emotional resilience. It can help you shift patterns of relating and experiencing, create new directions and choices, experience yourself and others more accurately and genuinely and generate more fundamental changes in self.

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