About Therapy

Psychotherapy aims to help you develop your potential and your internal resources, address underlying issues and experience a more fulfilling, engaging life.

A person’s mental health is deeply connected with the meaning of one’s experiences, relationships and emotions. Often unresolved inner conflicts re-present over the course of life and negatively affect a person’s relationships, opportunities and personal wellbeing. Sometimes it’s the particular ways of managing difficulties that keep a person stuck and in pain. Sometimes the causes are clear and other times there’s a vague and persistent sense that something is missing or not right in a person’s life. Some aspects are consciously known while others are outside one’s awareness. Therapy addresses the issues that contribute to these circumstances and patterns, with new awareness and understanding making growth and change possible.

Often it is coping on your own that is the harder work. While therapy takes effort and brings a person into contact with emotions he or she may have been avoiding, therapy can also feel a relief. Having someone to help you make sense of behaviours and experiences can support real change and development. Working together with an experienced and skilled therapist can help you attend to real feelings and issues in a safe environment.